September 7, 2011

Labor Day Swim....

We went swimming for Ryan's cousin Gerrett's birthday on sunday and I captured an awsome picture of Davin doing a flip.

....While I swear that Brylee and Kenny "Brooke's daughter" bobbed around for hours....

Back to school

2nd grade already, I can not belive it. I'm not sure who was more excited to start school Brylee or Davin...Brylee was so funny thismorning thinkng she was going to go to school with her big brother. Davin on the other hand woke up with a kinked neck so what any kid would do...try and play hookie!OOOH no Dav this is two years in a row where he tried to get out of school on the first day, but I gave him some tylenol and dropped and off he went.

August 19, 2011

OH...Livin' on the golf course!

#4 and counting...Yup that is our 4th broken window. Brylee and I were sitting in the chair next to the window when this happened. SCARY! I thought we were getting bombed... It is amazing how fast they change a window, these guys were like the nascar tire changers of windows...superfast

July 23, 2011

Take me out to the ball game...

GO RAPTORS GO!!! A night out at the ball game seems so relaxing...however you throw 3 families in the mix and it becomes a little crazy...especially when Brian thinks that there is a bee on him so he throws his garlic french fries all of the man sitting in front on him!, then watching Erin yell at him for over reacting and throwing all of her fires and wasting them by the way everyone is staring at us like a freak show but once that was resolved we enjoyed the game and had a fun evening.

Liberty Park

Mima and Andy took us on as adventure to Liberty park. I had no idea that this existed. We did all the rides and went for a lap in the pond with the ducks. Those paddle boats are tough work I would forget to peddle so Ryan did most of the work...


Mini Golfin' at Toads

Ryan and Davin both got a hole in one Ryan ended up winning but only by 4 Davin is pretty good and mini golf, lets just say I was having a off night! Brylee's favorite part was the princess castle.

Weber State Fire Works

So we fought the crowd and walked what seemed like for hours to see what was suppose to be one of the biggest fireworks in the state...well lets just say that we left disappointed! The firework were only about 10 min and not that exciting, at least were surrounded by good company which made it fun.