February 10, 2009


Look who surprised the entire family on Thursday..Steph, Janiel and all of the kids drove the 14 hour trip to surprise us....and if it wasn't for James calling Kellie and blowin' it they would have made it here without anyone knowing. They were in Prove when James slipped up and told Kellie Oops oh well we were all so so excited to see them. What a awesome weekend we had. Thanks to the weather they got to stay an extra day!


Anonymous said...

It was so good to see you guys as well....We had one question why is your sisters so cute!!! Ha...Ha.. were totally kidding. But, you have the cutest kids and we loved spending time with Brylee...Can you send her in the mail for a couple weeks and then we will send her back...! Kade wants to know if you can mail Davin as well?? Bye for now...Love you guys