March 1, 2010

Winter sleddin' at the Black's

It does not really matter your age everyone loves to go really fast on an inner tube in the snow...Ryan and I "with a little help of Grandpa Mike" hooked up the inner tube to the four-wheeler and made a track around the yard... it was so much fun especially when we would whip around the corners Davin was cracking up and Brylee would occasionally crack a smile I think that she was nervous..

Brylee has had enough and was cold so she made her way to the back door and waited for Grandma to take her inside..

Davin+Corbin+Conrad+Snow=Trouble! These 3 boys had so much fun trying to find jumps and weird trails in Grandma and Grandpa's back yard...they did not want to come inside for dinner they stayed outside until dark and I made them finally come in.

Yes that is Davin flying about 3 feet in the air I thought for sure GREAT broken arm but he just cracked up and said "mom did you get that?, I'm gonna do that again!"


Anonymous said...

It's looks like lots of fun and if i know Ryan he was going fast!! That pic of Bry makes me sad she looks so cold. I just wanna hold her and warm her up! Ya Ya i know she wouldn't let me. :) (wishful thinking i guess) At least Davin had tons of FUn!!