December 30, 2008

Christmas Morning....

Davin woke up at 7 in the morning went down stairs to scoped out the stash of toys that St. Nick left him.....Then he woke us up! I was dead tired so the boys went down stairs and made coffee while I went back to sleep, Not for long though Davin was getting impatient so I got up!

Daddy and Davin helped Brylee open her presents..
I dont think that she minds much though.

Davin got some pretty AWESOME Batman wings!


After....All he has to do is pull a string and they pop out!

he loves them!


Anonymous said...

Okay brother i lied i didn't see the new page til now....I freaken love it guys you 2 have done a great job and those kids are so adoarable really made me laugh at Davin..Love his wings...And Brylee is getting so big and smiles it brings tears to my eyes. By the way where did you guys go to get your page?? I need a new one..I guess it's to late for a New Years one but still tell me. Love you guys

Co9z said...

I love all the postings. You have had a very busy December! I am so glad that we get to be closer and see all of you more often! Love you!