January 2, 2009


New Years day we went tubin' at the park in North Ogden....

Ryan and Davin
they're first trip down they went zoomin' so fast, that they went down the BIG hill through the field and down the kiddie hill and ended up in the parking lot!!!

.....And after all of that Davin just didn't have it in him to make it back up the hill so Ryan had to drag him along with the tube.

Mom's turn...We went so so so fast I swear that someone shot us out of a cannon!
The snow had a layer of ice over it, so before Davin and I plowed over all the little kids ryan jumped infont of us and planted his foot like a super hero and the tube flipped up and knocked ryan over and Davin flew on top of ryan and I flew on top of Davin makin' one big Leatherwood sandwhich!!!
Davin was scared but once he saw ryan and I crackin up he was fine....

WEEEEE Davin taking a spill it was so icy!


the funks said...

Looks like you guyus had fun! I can't believe how big he's getting.. You have a very cute family kik! :)

The Springer Family said...

OMG! We went sledding today and had soooo much fun. We should all get together and go, that would be a BLAST!!!!

Co9z said...

What a fun time!!!