June 24, 2009

1 Year...already?

It been one year since we have tied the knot! Ryan and I went up to Park City for the day we had a blast we rode the roller coaster, the zip line, and of course the alpine slide "Which I won" beginners luck I guess... after all of that we went to eat and it was AWFUL we thought that it was a cool looking bar and the game was on so I thought that Ryan would love to go there but they only had mediocre bar food...so I settled for a slice of pizza & coke and Ryan had the Philly & a beer!
On the way home I knew Ryan had something up his sleeve when he turned into Big boys toys to show me a rhino it was about 10 o'clock so everything was put away so we couldn't see anything so then he insisted to go rent a movie...meanwhile my sister was busy at my house decorating with a trail of "TP" which lead to a candle lit bubble bath equipped with wine and chocolates YUMM I couldn't ask for a more perfect night...I love my sweet husband and cant wait for many more anniversaries we get to spend together


Mjika said...

Congratulations you two! I am so happy for you. I love that I get to see you so much now.
We love you!

Poulsen Girlys said...

Congrats! One year down 69 to go. I figure you'll live that long

Anonymous said...

CONGRATS my 2 sweethearts!!! I miss you guys like crazy. Brother you are a big sweetheart i got the chills and tears in my eyes reading what you did for Kiki!! 1 year down and more to come. Love ya'll soooo much...Kiss and hug the kids for me. hugs and kisses for you guys to!!! LOL

Alex and Chele said...

HEEYYYY! When are we gonna hang out again? I feel like I have to stalk ya for you to get in touch with me.. Well if you forgot I'm Chele and give me a ring( on the tele:) ) HaHa love ya friend.. oh yeah Olive Garden on wed at 6 if you can make it