April 11, 2010

Easter in Mesquite

Yuma...Utah...Yuma...Utah...since no one really wants to drive 12 hours we all settled for 6 and met in the middle at Mesquite. While everyone was freezing in Utah snow we were enjoying the sun and splashing around in the pool...
Davin said that he wanted to move there, Which I couldn't blame him we stayed in a awesome condo with a pool and a gigantic park.
Our most resent Family pic...we are missing Travis he is still deployed to Aferica, but we all missed him and it just wasn't the same without him there.
The kids all lined up with their baskets for the easter egg hunt everyone was in search of their own "golden egg" it had some money in it..so you know Davin he was stoked to hear that..

HOORAY! Dav found his golden egg.

Brylee caught on quick and started hording all of the eggs, at the end we had to take some out of her basket and give some to the other kids....
After the hunt we all went swimming, the kids got all new swimming gear from Grandma and Grandpa.
Water and 4 boys all sugared up off easter candy...This looks like trouble!


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad we all met in the middle. I love being with everyone for the holidays. Thanks for the message about Travis..Yes we do miss him tons. I'm ready for him to come home. Love and miss you guys. hugs and kisses to the kids