May 5, 2010

OOOOH...Scary Cows

So ever since Brylee watched Jurassic Park the movie she has been scared of cows she calls them "scary cows". It's hilarious! so we decided to take her down to see the cows at Justin's (Ryan's Dad) farm where they have tons of cows and right now they all have babies so it was fun to see all the little ones with their moms.

Grandpa, Davin and Brylee just getting the ranger ready to go

We all piled in the ranger and headed down to the farm. Brylee was so excited to see the cows...until we got there and then she was not so sure about the whole idea. She kept saying "go away cows go away".

....and were off Davin holds on to Brylee super tight...Grandpa is a crazy driver...

Grandpa Ron opens the gates on horse back so we can drive on through...

Here is the reason that we came down here for....BABY COWS!!!

The cows were not afraid to come right up to the ranger and see what we were all about. We had so much fun seeing the cows and I think that Brylee overcame her fears....